Have Spouse, Will Travel

Table of Contents An Introduction: Meet-Cute (Lily-Beth ♥ Jack) Anecdote #2: Around the US in 90 Days (A Little More about Lily-Beth’s Husband) Anecdote #3: Lily-Beth and Jack Learn to Travel Together Anecdote #4: Lily-Beth’s Best Friend, Rose, is Not So Lucky (Enter, Stage Right: Mr. First-Class A. Dick, Esq.) Only As Good As Your Luggage: … Continue reading

Dressing a Man Who Doesn’t Believe in Fashion

My husband, when we met, firmly believed that “fashion is a tool of the aristocracy.” (He also happens to be a pretty staunch socialist.) For a long time, I thought this meant he was opposed to all men’s fashion – after all, when I met him, he didn’t have a single piece of clothing that … Continue reading

In like a lion, so fierce, and out like a lamb, so dear

I made a joke a couple of weeks ago about playing “Dixie” at the wedding, and it made an auditory ‘thud’ in the room, followed by silence, and I’ve been entirely shamed into not bringing it up again. But you know what? As Spring approaches, I wish I was in the Land of Cotton.

A Room of One’s Own

A woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction; it is necessary to have five hundred a year and a room with a lock on the door if you are to write fiction or poetry…That five hundred a year stands for the power to contemplate, that lock … Continue reading


So I read the following passage today at a friend-of-a-friend’s blog: Sometimes I am so excited to marry him that I can barely contain it. Every day it seems my love for him grows – as I learn more about him; as I learn more about myself. Sometimes I wonder who I was outside the … Continue reading