Unique Wedding Gifts

Wedding season is officially upon us, if you haven’t guessed by all the wedding-related posts lately. If there’s anything more complicated than your own wedding, it’s buying gifts for other people’s weddings. Now, let me begin by saying that this is why wedding registries exist. If you don’t know where they’re registered, ask the mother … Continue reading

Provocation & Privacy: The Case for Books as Gifts

I have always given books as gifts to friends of mine who devour literature in the same way that I do.  But it was not until genuine adulthood that I realized how special the act of giving a book is – how it functions in ways and situations that other gifts fall short on. And … Continue reading

Deciphering Monograms

Man, is there ever a flurry of disagreement about monograms. And since you can monogram most anything these days, there’s about as many vehement opinions as there are things to monogram. Silver, linens, stationery, clothing, accessories, right down to coffee mugs – you name it, someone, somewhere, can put a monogram on it. Hell, after … Continue reading

Breaking the Code of Printing

(Looking for an article detailing the art of every-day correspondence and regular stationery? See “The Lost Art of Letter Writing.”) If there’s one thing more confusing than trying to set a formal table, it’s printing. I’ve been blessed enough to work with some incredible graphic designers in my line of business who were kind enough … Continue reading

Sticky Situations: How to Properly Decline a Wedding Invitation and Other Issues

So you’ve gotten one of those wedding invitations where you suspect the Bride has invited everyone she’s ever come in contact with, including the checker at the grocery store. Or perhaps you’ve received a wedding invitation from an actual friend, but have already made irreversible plans (such as expensive plane tickets to Europe, or knee-surgery, … Continue reading

The Lost Art of Letter Writing

Email has us rudely rediscovering the lost art of correspondence in much the same fashion one “rediscovers” a lost thumbtack while visiting the bathroom in the dead of night. Travis Charbeneau, “Relearning the Art of Correspondence” There is a very good reason why women of privilege kept bedrooms separate from their husbands – they served … Continue reading

The Work of J. Mendicino

I am someone who is always looking for the ideal gift – a hostess gift, a housewarming gift, a small celebratory present for a special occasions. I want to be remembered for them, in a way that giving a gift card or coffee mug doesn’t quite cut it. For the last two years, I’ve been … Continue reading