Ask Lily Beth ☞ Children to Baby & Wedding Showers

“I am a Dallas native and have more or less lived here my whole life. I have just entered the phase in life where I have 2.5 wedding and/or baby showers per month. Here in lies my question: a lot of my friends who are not from Dallas, bring their babies or young children to these events; I find this inappropriate, am I out of line in feeling that way? I find that the babies take away attention from the real focal point of the celebration — the soon to be bride or mother. What is protocol? And if my friends try to bring their children to a no-kids event, how do I delicately suggest otherwise?”


✂ Jack Tempest’s 30th Birthday Menu

For Jack’s 30th birthday, all he wanted was to have our favorite people over to the house. Easy enough on his end, but not so much on mine. Although we have an excellent caterer whom I adore, Jack really just wanted his favorite simple foods made by me. This is what we came up with, … Continue reading

Alternative bachelorette parties

Recently, myself and four of my closest girlfriends from college flew halfway around the globe as bridesmaids in another friend’s wedding. We’ll call her Alice. We all come from feminist theory backgrounds – indeed, that’s how we met and became so close. And we were prepared for long flights, hot temperatures, customs delays, and bridesmaids … Continue reading

Ask Lily Beth ☞ Using Depression Glass

Persephone writes: I have yellow depression glass and would like some visuals on how to set a beautiful tablescape.  Can you suggest other dishes or colors to mix with it.  White is boring.  Any suggestions? I adore depression glass. I’ve inherited a good bit of it from my grandmothers, and its gentle colors always add … Continue reading

✂ 4th of July Menu

Alright, kids. Time for the Fourth of July menu roundup: Paula Deen’s black and blue burgers, or Ina Garten’s truffled filet of beef sandwiches wrapped in red or blue checkered deli paper from your local party supply store Sliced chicken breasts stuffed with artichoke and parmesan, compliments of Real Simple Red potato salad with sour … Continue reading

Breaking the Code of Printing

(Looking for an article detailing the art of every-day correspondence and regular stationery? See “The Lost Art of Letter Writing.”) If there’s one thing more confusing than trying to set a formal table, it’s printing. I’ve been blessed enough to work with some incredible graphic designers in my line of business who were kind enough … Continue reading

The Four Most Confusing Dress Codes of All Time

If you’re looking for the difference between formal, semi-formal, black-tie, etc, go read the Wikipedia article – they write it more polite and more concise than I ever could. This article is not even about the obnoxious dress suggestions I see on invitations now-a-days: festive formal, creative black-tie, urban casual. No, this article is instead … Continue reading

Poetry & Sentiment: How to Serve Tea

Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. ~ Henry Fielding, “Love in Several Masques” Table of Contents Introduction Tea as Event High Tea Low Tea The Tea Essentials Choosing Your Food Savory Items Bread Dessert The Actual Serving of Tea Brewing the Tea Serving the Tea Drinking Your Own Tea And Now, Some Questions: … Continue reading