Have Spouse, Will Travel

Table of Contents An Introduction: Meet-Cute (Lily-Beth ♥ Jack) Anecdote #2: Around the US in 90 Days (A Little More about Lily-Beth’s Husband) Anecdote #3: Lily-Beth and Jack Learn to Travel Together Anecdote #4: Lily-Beth’s Best Friend, Rose, is Not So Lucky (Enter, Stage Right: Mr. First-Class A. Dick, Esq.) Only As Good As Your Luggage: … Continue reading

The House of Agnelli Divided

The Agnelli Family have long been heralded as the Kennedys of Italy. In fact, Jackie and Gianni were rumored to be quite close after Jackie married Aristotle Onassis. Not only has the Agnelli family endured suicides and drug over-doses, but they’ve also captivated the world of couture for the past fifty years. Gianni Agnelli was … Continue reading