WWJD has moved!

http://www.lilybethtempest.com First off, apologies all around to Hope – Hope submitted a question to me last week about conflicting wedding dates, right in the middle of some exciting news for WWJD. I had her reply ready to go but, due to exciting news (see below), nowhere to put it. And now, I do – you … Continue reading

Expected Guests: setting up a guest room and entertaining

When it’s done right, having house guests can be a delight. When it’s done poorly, however, it can be a nightmare for everyone. Avoid the major pitfalls with some simple planning.

Ask Lily Beth ☞ Modern Wedding Place Settings

Susan writes in asking how to incorporate her place card and napkin into a modern wedding place setting. Lily Beth answers, and also goes off on a tangent about chargers, napkin techniques, unique place card ideas, and how to put a formal place setting together in general.

Unexpected Guests: A Battle Plan

When I was a little girl, my mother would insist on cleaning the house from top-to-bottom before any out-of-town trip or vacation. Her reasoning? “Well it’s nice to have a clean house to come home to. And also, if I die unexpectedly, there will be all sorts of people traipsing through here, and I don’t … Continue reading

Unconventional Registry Items: Cash & Travel

Everyone could use a little more cash, especially newly weds. But how does one politely ask for it, graciously receive it, or properly give it?

Lily Beth’s Eleven Rules for Navigating Society

Lily Beth has learned a lot of things being a professional fund raiser in a very old city. And now she passes these practical points onto you, dear reader, in a carefully crafted electronic finishing school crash course.

Ask Lily Beth ☞ Gifts & Money at Baby Showers

“I am hosting a shower for my daughter. I have the invites, I wanted to put 2 extra’s on the invites and am having a problem with wording. The first is for the guest not to wrap gifts (as it is healthy for the environment and the mom to be can spend more time with her guests). The second is I have purchased ared wagon to use as a wishing well type thing and need some wording for bring a small token for the wagon. Can you help?”

Communicating Socially with Your Significant Other

Sometimes communicating socially with your spouse can be a disaster, even in the privacy of your own home! Learn how to be on the same page with your significant other and avoid mixed messages.