WWJD has moved!


First off, apologies all around to Hope – Hope submitted a question to me last week about conflicting wedding dates, right in the middle of some exciting news for WWJD. I had her reply ready to go but, due to exciting news (see below), nowhere to put it.

And now, I do – you see, due to the kind generosity my favorite pair of Gentlemen Scoundrels over at That Thin Line Productions, WWJD not only has her own domain, but her own place to store stuff, like all of these posts and images. After much aggravation about how hosted WordPress blogs can’t use Google Analytics, aforementioned Gentlemen Scoundrels suggested (rightly so) that WWJD should break the chains of hosted WordPress oppression and strike out on its own.

So, in short, you’ll want to go visit the new site (as this one will be closed shortly), update your RSS feed, and of course, tell your friends.

Be kind – we’re still shaking off the metaphorical CSS sawdust over there.

Oh, and of course, here’s Hope’s heart-wrenching post on the worst kind of conflicting wedding dates.

Without further adieu, laissez les bon temps rouler!



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