Faking Good Breeding Begins with Good Linens

The bed has become a place of luxury to me! I would not exchange it for all the thrones in the world! – Napoleon Bonaparte Bed is the poor man’s opera. – Italian proverb “Wow. I just want to tell you – I was wrong about the towels. These towels you registered for are fucking … Continue reading

Table Manners 101: A Primer

Recently, I attended a rehearsal dinner because (a) my husband was a groomsmen to the wedding, and (b) I was the wedding coordinator. The couple getting married happened to be good friends of ours, and so we knew most of the bridal and groom’s party. One of the groomsmen was a particularly good-looking young man … Continue reading

The House of Agnelli Divided

The Agnelli Family have long been heralded as the Kennedys of Italy. In fact, Jackie and Gianni were rumored to be quite close after Jackie married Aristotle Onassis. Not only has the Agnelli family endured suicides and drug over-doses, but they’ve also captivated the world of couture for the past fifty years. Gianni Agnelli was … Continue reading

Sticky Situations: How to Properly Decline a Wedding Invitation and Other Issues

So you’ve gotten one of those wedding invitations where you suspect the Bride has invited everyone she’s ever come in contact with, including the checker at the grocery store. Or perhaps you’ve received a wedding invitation from an actual friend, but have already made irreversible plans (such as expensive plane tickets to Europe, or knee-surgery, … Continue reading