I’ll Take Manhattan

(the Bronx, and Staten Island too) “All those old drinks are coming back now,” said my mother the last time we were together, and I ordered a Manhattan. “Ever since Sex in the City.” She’s probably right, but I’ve been drinking “those old drinks” since I was, well, old enough to drink. Even in college, … Continue reading

The Lost Art of Letter Writing

Email has us rudely rediscovering the lost art of correspondence in much the same fashion one “rediscovers” a lost thumbtack while visiting the bathroom in the dead of night. Travis Charbeneau, “Relearning the Art of Correspondence” There is a very good reason why women of privilege kept bedrooms separate from their husbands – they served … Continue reading

Attending the Opera

I attended a smashing performance of Madame Butterfly last night. It was the first opera I’ve seen in awhile, and it occurred to me that if I hadn’t worked at an opera house for a few years, negotiating the quagmire of “classical arts” etiquette might be completely overwhelming.